'Just a good guy': Mother of DC Safe Passage worker killed speaks out

Lisa Gaddis is the mother of 36-year-old Michael Gaddis, the man who was shot and killed outside Coolidge High School in Northwest D.C. Monday afternoon. 

"He loved his kids, he loved his family, his friends," she said. "He tried to help everybody if he could. So that's why I don't understand this situation. Why would someone want to kill my son like that?" 

Ms. Gaddis told FOX 5 that her son was on his way to report for duty as a D.C. Safe Passage worker when the shooting happened. He had been on the job for about two months. 

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Michael Gaddis was the oldest of four sons and had four children himself, ages ranging from 17 to just 8 months old. He also worked as a barber and had a passion for music.

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"Nobody is perfect, but I would never think that this would happen," Ms. Gaddis said. "I have a lot of friends that tragedies and stuff have happened with them, but I would never think that it would hit this close to home."

According to D.C. Police, Gaddis, and the shooter were in some kind of fight at the intersection of Somerset Place and 5th Street before he was shot. They believe the two men were acquainted in some form. 

There are some questions regarding if the shooter was a Violence Interrupter, however, D.C. Police Chief Robert Contee III did not confirm that at a press conference Tuesday and said, "We’re going to go where the evidence takes us." 

Ms. Gaddis said her son knew the shooter and so there must be others out there who may be able to identify him. 

She also has a message for the suspect. 

"It’s senseless he didn't have to do that. He meant to kill my son. I just hope he prays, get on his knees, and pray 'cause he's going to get caught," she warned. 

Ms. Gaddis said regardless of what led up to the shooting, her son did not need to die. She says he was a good man, trying to make things better for himself and his family. 

"Just a good guy you know, everybody loved him, so nobody had anything bad to say about him and he was a good, funny guy," she said.