Judge rules Missouri family's purple swingset can stay

A Missouri judge has ruled that a suburban Kansas City family's purple swingset won't need to have its color changed after a homeowner's association threatened the family with fines or jail time.

"We're super excited, we're very happy," said Marla Stout, who owns the swingset, told Fox4KC at a neighborhood barbecue Sunday celebrating Friday's ruling.

Stout told "Fox & Friends" earlier this month that she painted the swingset purple at the request of her two young daughters more than two years ago. But it was only this summer that the homeowner's association for the subdivision the Stouts live in told Marla that the color was not in harmony with others in the neighborhood.

Stout also told Fox4KC that she received a letter from the homeowners association saying that she hadn't gotten the playset color pre-approved. Another letter from the homeowner's group said the lawsuit will cost the Stouts "far greater than any principal [sic] you are trying to prove."

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