Judge denies bond for DC woman charged in deadly carjacking crash

A judge has denied bond for Kayla Brown, the 22-year-old woman accused of stealing a car with a woman inside, who later died

The decision came Friday after a preliminary hearing on a carjacking charge.

Brown currently faces one charge of unarmed carjacking. 

The investigation into the incident is ongoing, but Friday's hearing focused on whether there was sufficient evidence to proceed to trial. The judge determined there was.


Woman found dead in stolen car after driver crashes into DC Attorney General's Office

D.C. police are investigating after a woman was found dead in the passenger seat of a vehicle that was stolen from a hospital by a female suspect Monday afternoon.  

The incident occurred Monday at MedStar Washington Hospital in Northwest

Leslie Gaines, 55, was in the passenger seat of a car while her daughter sought help at the emergency room. 

As her daughter went to get a wheelchair, Brown allegedly took the car, drove off, and crashed it.

In D.C., a carjacking charge requires a violent element. Prosecutors argued that Brown took possession of the car while someone else was inside, even without using a weapon. 

The defense contended that there was no violence and that Gaines, despite being in the passenger seat, was not in control of the car. The judge sided with the prosecution.

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Kayla Brown

Earlier this week, FOX 5 interviewed Erica Gaines, Leslie’s sister, who attended the hearing seeking justice. 

"My sister was full of life. Even though she was handicapped, she still loved life. She loved being outdoors, she loved decorating, she loved cooking. She loved being with her grandkids, and most and foremost, she loved being with her family. She will be sorely missed," she said.

The judge ordered a preliminary competency screening for Brown, with another hearing set for June 20. 

The U.S. Attorney’s Office stated that the investigation is ongoing. 

Brown’s attorney and family declined to comment after the hearing.