John Cleese may have lost diary in DC

"Monty Python" star and comedy legend John Cleese says he may have lost his diary during a visit to Washington D.C.

The British star took to Twitter on Wednesday to ask for help locating his diary.

"Dearest twits, a plea for help!! I have lost my diary. Somewhere in DC, Richmond or Nashville... It's bright red leather-bound, seven inches by five and full of Filofax pages. Inside is my UK phone number. Reward for return: $1,000 and a big kiss (provided it's consensual)," he wrote.

Folks in the District, Virginia and Nashville began to inquire where Cleese was so they could help in his search.

"I was at the Mandarin in DC, the Jefferson in Richmond, and the Thompson in Nashville. I always ate in the hotels," he responded.

After further clarification, Cleese said Americans would more likely refer to the book as a planner or calendar.

"Please find it quickly, kind twits, as I have no idea what I am doing for the rest of my life. I can't even remember where I live," Cleese wrote. "There is nothing in the diary to blackmail me with (except for comments about the other Pythons)."

Cleese is nearing the end of his U.S. tour in which he answers questions live on stage following the screening of "Monty Python and the Holy Grail."

According to the "Monty Python" website, Cleese performed at the Warner Theatre in the District on Nov. 9 and at the Altria Theatre in Richmond the following evening.