It's not just you -- 'resting bitch face' is real, and science can prove it

We all know someone who's guilty of it-- having a face that looks grumpy, upset, or angry for no good reason.

The Internet has dubbed the look "resting bitch face," spawning countless memes and calling out celebrities like Kristen Stewart, Kanye West and even the Queen of England for their less-than-friendly visages.

But is there any truth behind the phenomenon, or are people just too sensitive and judgmental of other people's facial expressions?

According to new research, there is real science behind the feeling that someone's resting face looks unfriendly.

Researchers at Noldus, who specialize in behavioral analysis technology, used facial recognition technology to determine whether "resting bitch face" has a facial phenotype.

They used images of celebrities often accused of having mean resting faces, like Stewart and West, and determined that facial profiles that show "contempt" are most likely to be associated with a nasty resting face.

The researches stressed that the faces are not actually showing contempt, but are perceived by others to be doing so.

This means that it is the perception of that unconscious, subtle contempt expression that defines the "resting bitch face" phenomenon.

You can read their entire study and even take a photo of yourself to see if you are guilty of having a "resting bitch face," here.