'It's a Nightmare': Mom who rejected vaccine says baby has whooping cough

(FOX NEWS) - A first-time mom who refused to be vaccinated for whooping cough has a heartbreaking message to share with other parents.

Cradling her baby in an emotional video posted online, Cormit Avital spoke out about how she'd rejected the vaccination on her 28th week of pregnancy.

Having a relatively healthy pregnancy, Avital thought she was "bulletproof," she explained. "I said 'leave me alone, 'I don't need this crap.'"

She was later diagnosed the whooping cough, but "got over it very quick."

Now, Avital's daughter Eva has contracted the disease and been in hospital for about three weeks.

'If I could turn back time I would protect myself.' Cormit's baby has contracted Whooping Cough. Watch this clip to hear the first-time mum bravely talk about her decision to opt out of vaccination during pregnancy and how hard it is now coping with her new baby being so unwell. For the facts on Immunisation go to http://bit.ly/1PJ6Cc0. #vaccinationmatters #immunisation #preventabledisease #GoldCoast #publichealth

"Within two weeks, the cough became pretty scary, horror movie, coughing to the point of going blue, flopping in my hands, can't breathe," the young Australian mom said tearfully.

"It's just so hard to watch," she said. "They go red, and from red they go blue, and sometimes they go a bit black, and for a moment you think they're dead in your hands."

"She's my only child and my first. And if I could turn back time, I would protect myself," Avital added.

"It's been a nightmare."

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