Is Virginia shedding its purple color and turning blue?

The governor's mansion, the U.S. Senate and now the majority of Virginia's congressional seats in the U.S. House are all in the hands of Democrats.

The most closely watched congressional race in the D.C. region was in Virginia's 10th congressional district with Democrat Jennifer Wexton beating out incumbent Republican Barbara Comstock.

Wexton is one of three Democrats in Virginia who flipped U.S. House seats. Out of the 11 congressional districts in the commonwealth, seven are now blue. It's the first time in decades that Democrats have held a majority when it comes to congressional seats in Virginia. The governor and both Virginia senators are also Democrats.

Wexton thanked her supporters on the day following her victory.

"We had an opportunity here in Virginia for all of those women and those new groups to really mobilize and put their skills into action," she said. "All of us are moms. All of us are career women. All of us know how important it is that we just put on our big girl pants and do our jobs, and maybe more people in Congress need do that too."

The House seat in the 10th congressional district was held for decades by Republican Frank Wolfe from 1981 to 2015. When he retired, Comstock was elected.

Dan Scandling, the former chief of staff for Wolfe, has had a front row seat for all of the change in Northern Virginia and the entire state.

"Republican representation in Northern Virginia is history," he said. "It's never coming back. You are not going see anybody inside the Beltway or Northern Virginia proper be elected as a Republican. It's just not going to happen. The numbers are just not there anymore.

"Just look at the density. Follow Metro. And what are around Metros? It's apartments, it's townhouses. That's a different density. That's a different voter than the traditional conservative Republican voter. The population centers now are Northern Virginia, suburban Richmond and Hampton Roads, and there is so much population there that they control who wins statewide. You saw that in what happened last night with Democrats prevailing."

Virginia has been seen as a key battleground state when it comes to the presidential election, but Scandling believes after Tuesday night, this will no longer be the case going forward.