Is Vincent Gray closer to announcing a potential 2018 DC mayoral rematch vs. Muriel Bowser?

It's the first hint we have seen of a possible D.C. mayoral election rematch. The first phone surveys have gone out asking residents how they would vote in a hypothetical election.

Although the election will not happen until the summer of 2018, it could be setting the stage for a potential Democratic Primary between current mayor Muriel Bowser and former mayor Vincent Gray.

It's the one question many residents in the District want answered, especially in Ward 7: Will Vince Gray run for another term as D.C. mayor?

The first indication that could soon be in his plans comes in the words of Marvin Gaye - "What's going on?"

It's not only a record-breaking hit, but it's now also the name of a newly-minted Political Action Committee. At the helm of the PAC are former Gray campaign manager Chuck Thies and his deputy, Peter Brooks.

We asked Thies if the lyrics are a jab at the current state of affairs in the District?

"I think anyone who pays careful attention with what is going on in the District knows there is a lot of people here with great needs, and those needs are not being met," he said.

If you live in D.C., you may have already received a phone poll call conducted by Public Policy Polling and paid for by the new "What's Going On" PAC.

Among the standout questions: If the Democratic candidates for mayor were Muriel Bowser and Vince Gray, who would you vote for?

The phone call recipients were given the choices of "Bowser," "Gray" or "not sure."

"I certainly want to know how the electorate feels about the current mayor and about Vince," said Thies. "I want to use that data to advise Vince. It's no secret he is thinking about running."

Bowser announced her run for re-election a month ago. She defeated Gray in 2014.

Gray said he believes he lost then because of allegations of wrongdoing during his 2010 campaign. After nearly five years of investigating, the U.S. Attorney's Office declined to file charges and dropped the case.

FOX 5 asked the Bowser campaign about a potential matchup against Gray. A spokesperson said in part:

"We are excited about the feedback that we have received since launching the Re-Elect Muriel Bowser campaign last month. We will be prepared for any and all electoral challenges."

For now, Gray has not announced any campaign plans. But that could soon change.

A spokesperson for Gray told FOX 5 in a statement:

"Every day, people talk to me about running for mayor. When I sit down to make a decision about any potential campaign, I'll weigh many factors. The most important thing is that District residents have the most-qualified mayor. The person who can do the best job. Many people who live here have great needs that are unmet."