Iranian baby will be allowed into US for emergency procedure

New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo says an Iranian infant in need of a life-saving heart surgery who was banned from entering the United States after President Donald Trump's executive order will now be allowed to travel for the emergency procedure.

Cuomo said Friday that Manhattan's Mount Sinai Medical Center has offered to perform the surgery. But the family reportedly chose to do it in Portland, Oregon, where they have a relative.

Cuomo told the New York Daily News that the four-month-old Fatemeh Reshad and her family had received a waiver on Friday allowing their travel to the U.S.

Cuomo says he worked with the International Refugee Assistance Project in order to help secure the waiver.

The baby's family planned to enter the country earlier this week after picking up a tourist visa in Dubai.

The baby's uncle, Samad Taghizadeh said Iranian doctors told the family that the infant needed at least one urgent surgery, maybe several, to correct the serious heart defects.

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