Investigators spend another day examining home of slain Rockville couple

Two days after Richard and Julianne Vilardo were found murdered in their Rockville home , investigators are still examining the crime scene.

There have been no arrests and police have not said whether the couple was targeted or the victims of a random crime.

Montgomery County crime scene search experts have been photographing and examining the home and large wooded lot for the better part of three days now -- at times walking deep into the woods at the end of the lot.

With no arrests and no information on why the couple was killed, neighbors in this Glen Hills community said they were worried and deeply concerned.

"I am locking twice and checking twice and it definitely makes you think about putting an alarm in," said Jackie Meltzer. "You can't help it."

She has been living in the neighborhood for 24 years and knew the Vilardos.

"People are sad," she said. "It's tragic. We know the family. Their daughter babysat for my kids when they were little. So it's not just a neighborhood, but for us, it's a personal connection."

Another neighbor said detectives have been canvassing the homes on Ridge Drive asking about contractors, tree cutters and landscapers who may have been working in the neighborhood Saturday afternoon.

"A good part of any investigation starts with the people who are, have been or had the opportunity to be around the victim," said Montgomery County Police Capt. Paul Starks. "Whether it's a simple assault or something as serious as a double homicide, good investigators start with the family, friends, co-workers, neighbors and anyone else the victims could have come in contact with."

Starks said confirming the Vilardos were in Charles Town, West Virginia Saturday night with friends is not to suggest investigators suspect they were followed home.

"We just wanted to confirm that today, and also let the community know that we know about that and that is a part of our investigation," Starks said.

Police say the Vilardos died from sharp force injuries by an intruder or intruders who made their way into the home through a window.