Indictment handed down in DC man's murder after he told police drug dealers took over his apartment

An indictment has been announced after a DC man was murdered after he told police that drug dealers had taken over his apartment in January 2017.

Garrett Taylor, known as "G", was handed down an eight-count indictment by a grand jury Thursday morning.

Officials said that Taylor killed Alawnchew Ayele, who was found inside his burning apartment on Queen Street, NE. Taylor was arrested for Ayele's murder back in December 2017.

According to a court affidavit, Ayele told police that Taylor had taken over his apartment with several other men and forced him to allow them to stash illegal narcotics and firearms in his home.

Ayele told police the men moved into his apartment in November 2016 where they assaulted and threatened him, stating he would pay the price if he contacted the police, according to court records.

The court affidavit said the evening before the fire and following Ayele's meeting with the police, Taylor attacked Ayele, breaking several of his ribs and causing trauma to the back of his head.

When a friend called 911 for Ayele, he refused to go to the hospital but told police who assaulted him, court documents state.

The commander of homicide for DC police said Ayele was offered protection the night he made the complaint, but Ayele decided he didn't want the protection.