In less than two weeks, a father took his son to all Legoland parks in the world

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A father gave his 5-year-old son the trip of a lifetime. The duo from Germany visited eight Legoland theme parks in 7 countries - all within 13 days.

Julian is starting his first year of school in September, and his father, Dieter Deussen, knew his son loved playing with Legos. Dieter wanted to make this summer extra special, and decided to embark on the world tour.

"The key to this trip was to have fun and enjoy extensive time with my son," said Julian's father, Dieter Deussen. "It's a memory that we'll have forever."

"It didn't take more than a few seconds for Julian to say yes," he added.

They started in the United Kingdom, and their final stop was in Polk County, at Legoland Florida. However, Legoland decided the world tour shouldn't end and gave them complimentary tickets to Legoland New York. That resort opens next year.

Their world tour schedule can be found below:

Thursday, June 27 - LEGOLAND Windsor
Friday, June 28 - LEGOLAND Billund
Sunday, June 30 - LEGOLAND Deutschland
Monday, July 1 - LEGOLAND Dubai
Wednesday, July 3 - LEGOLAND Malaysia
Friday, July 5 - LEGOLAND Japan
Sunday, July 7 - LEGOLAND California
Tuesday, July 8-9 - LEGOLAND Florida