Improper parking of DC dockless bikes creating nuisance for residents

Residents have been complaining about new dockless bikes becoming a nuisance in the District. While they're loved by those who use them, many have issues with where they're being left.

Some have reported them being left in the middle of sidewalks, parks and even on the National Mall.

The bikes, which are locked and unlocked with a mobile app, can be a helpful way to get around in a car-clogged city. But sometimes they've been parked in places that cause problems, including in the street.

"So far there are a few jerks, but pretty much people are people are putting them in places that make sense," DC Councilmember Mary Cheh said.

Neighborhood commissioners from DuPont Circle, Georgetown and Foggy bottom are meeting in December to address concerns about where the bikes are left.

"It really is a problem with the placement and the parking," Advisory Neighborhood Commissions Chairman Joe Gibbons explained.

Gibbons said he doesn't want the dockless bikes banned but wants the District Department of Transportation to look into guidelines for parking the bikes.

"Different variations of it, maybe there's somewhat of a docking system or fencing around that," Gibbons described.

Cheh, who is the chairman of the transportation committee, said she's received complaints, but as an avid bike rider herself, is willing to give the new bike program time to work out the kinks before looking to add regulations.

"People should behave properly and I think the instances of that are few enough that I don't think it's an occasion for us to rush in now and do anything. I'd like to let the pilot work itself out," Cheh said.

In the video player above, FOX 5's Matt Ackland reports from Northwest DC.