Immigration ban protest continues at Dulles International Airport

Protests continued at Dulles International Airport on Monday as a crowd of people have come together to voice their opposition to President Donald Trump's temporary immigration ban while showing support for passengers arriving from international countries.

Many protesters gathered in the baggage claim area of the airport holding up signs while also breaking out into song and chants.

Sen. Tim Kaine (D-Va.) arrived at Dulles on Monday afternoon and spoke out about Trump's temporary ban.

"This executive order is an outrage to them and should be an outrage to all of us," said Kaine. "There are so many things wrong with this order."

The Virginia senator praised the people who came out to greet those arriving at the airport.

"I want to thank everybody here who is showing the true face of who Virginia is and who this country is by welcoming people to Dulles and the Commonwealth of Virginia," said Kaine. "We are a welcoming state. Not a hard-hearted state. We are an open state. Not a state with a closed fist. The folks who are here are demonstrating that."

Sheeba Masud, a Muslim-American woman from Virginia, came to the airport with her family and was overcome with emotion when talking about why she opposes the ban with FOX 5's Ronica Cleary.

"I wanted to come here today for my children to teach them that we have to stand up against what is wrong, to make them understand that we do believe in unity, that we do want good for everybody," she said.

Masud was carrying a sign that read "Diversity is our strength" and she said she appreciates the support for the Muslim-American community and refugees after Trump issued the temporary ban.

"It's about humanity and makes me feel like these people are here with their hearts after being tired from work at this hour, and it just makes me so happy the humanity in us is still here even though the world - there are so many bad things that are going on - but we are here and we are together and we are doing this together."