Hundreds of SAT tests taken by students at Va. high school goes missing

We all know how important the SAT is when it comes to applying to college. But for nearly 300 Virginia students, they just found out the tests they took have gone missing.

Caroline Quinilty knew something was wrong when her SAT results never showed up.

"I was really mad actually," she said. "I might have been super mad during math class and my teacher was like, 'Whoa, what's going on?"

What went on is back on May 2, 300 students took the SAT exam at Broad Run High School in Ashburn, Virginia. But the tests never arrived at the College Board. Loudoun County school officials insist they followed the instructions on shipping them back.

"The College Board gives you a box to put it in, they give you a UPS label with a tracking number on it," said Loudoun County Public Schools spokesperson Wayde Byard. "The guidance counselor put the tests in the two boxes that went out. One box made it and one box didn't."

Test proctors say they took pictures of the UPS tracking label and called UPS. But those SAT tests are still missing.

We contacted UPS in Atlanta and they said they are aware of what happened here in Virginia.

But in an email, the company wrote, "UPS has no record of picking up this package or processing it in our shipping system." But they are assisting school officials.

But Vinay Bhawnani, owner of Loudoun Test Prep, said 20 of his students will pay the price.

"You prepare for a marathon, and the day of the marathon, they said, 'Hey, the marathon is canceled,'" said Bhawnani. "And a month later, it's like, 'Okay, we now run the marathon,' and you're not going to be ready for that."

To make matters worse, Quinilty said the makeup date for the SAT is four days after final exams.

"So I'm going to be studying for the SAT and then studying for exams at the same time," she said.

Students hope this time that the delivery of their SAT will make the grade.

The retest is scheduled for June 20 meaning students will not get their results until the end of July.

The College Board told us they share the frustration of students, and given the mix up, students retaking the test will not have to pay an additional charge.