Howard University students continue push for demands as sit-in goes into day 6

Students are now at day six of a student sit-in at Howard University. Students remain inside the administration building and say they're not leaving until their demands are met following a financial aid scandal.

As protesters continue to meet with Board of Trustee members, one student, who has spent the last five nights in the building told FOX 5 students will continue "as long as it takes," until all nine of their demands are met.

Rozalyn Wingate, a Howard University student from Kentucky, says she has been participating in the protests overnight while still going to her classes as well.

She says it's been a long few days as she helps take part in the movement for change.

"We've created something that Howard couldn't create for students. There are gender neutral bathrooms, vegan food to eat, everyone has a space to sleep, everyone is getting along," she said.

Since Thursday, students have been holding a sit-in in the administration building and have been in talks with University Board of Trustees citing nine demands to university administration.

The protests have been sparked by a leaked report that six university employees had been fired following an internal investigation of misappropriation of university-provided financial aid funding.

One of the students' demands includes the resignation of university President Wayne Frederick, who announced the firings on Wednesday, said he first became aware of a possible issue in December 2016.

Wingate said her family fully supports the protests. She admits it has been tiring, but she'll continue to go to class and protest and for as long as it takes.

More meetings between student protestors and members of the Board of Trustees are taking place Tuesday. The students saying they're standing strong for the demands, including the removal of the President Frederick.

"Students who are passionate about their university really want to see change. These demands mean everything to us and making sure the demands are met is our number one priority," said Wingate.

On Sunday, it was announced one of the students' nine demands, which focused on student housing was agreed on.

University officials said a deadline to submit a $200 housing deposit has now been extended to May 1 and will delay quad renovations if a significant number of students request on-campus housing.

Students are also asking that the university put together a specific mission and plan to address what they describe as a rape culture on campus.