How will the government shutdown impact snow removal this weekend

With the shutdown still impacting government services around the region, concerns are growing as several inches of snow are expected this weekend.

Many roads, parks, and bridges are maintained by the National Parks Service - so will the shutdown impact snow removal in some areas.

Officials told FOX 5 on Friday that crews will be out clearing the roadway, even without receiving a paycheck for the last three weeks.

Some National Park Service employees were back to work Friday at the Lincoln Memorial, for the last 20 days, the city has been footing the bill and cleaning up trash while the government shutdown drags on.

With snow threatening the D.C. region this weekend, a spokesperson told FOX 5 that snow removal will proceed as normal because it's a matter of safety.

And, for now, the Department of the Interior has authorized the use of entrance fee revenue to fund basic maintenance services until further notice - that's money that would normally pay for projects down the road.

Meanwhile, frustration continues to grow for all the people caught in the middle.