How to stay safe and keep your car running in the extreme cold

Dead batteries, flat tires, and keys locked inside of the car are just some of the common problems AAA Mid Atlantic has their hands full with this time of year.

Robert Moorman, AAA fleet supervisor in Landover, Maryland, says winter is an extremely busy season for the company. Moorman says keeping your automobile properly maintained is key during the winter months. He says make sure to:

-Top off windshield washer fluid

-Check condition of windshield wipers

-Check and charge battery

-Inflate tires to proper psi

But there's one cold weather hazard for your automobile that you may not be aware exists. Rats! "They get in and they make a nest," Moorman says. "They want to get out of the cold so they get in next to the engine block where it's nice and warm." He said that once inside, rats can eat the wire covers under the hood which are soy based.

AAA Mid Atlantic also say keeping your fuel tank at least half full, keeping a fully stocked emergency kit inside your car, and increasing following distance can help keep you safe if you must drive in winter weather.