How to report pothole problems in your neighborhood

Hazardous road conditions don't always end when snow and ice melt.

Drivers across the District and surrounding areas are now facing dozens of potholes, which are caused by the expansion and contraction of ground water after freezing temperatures.

The holes are not only bothersome to drivers, but can also cause serious, and expensive, damage to vehicles.

According to AAA, drivers pay around $3 billion a year for damage to their vehicles caused by potholes and one in five drivers will hit a pothole so hard that it will require a trip to a repair shop. The average cost of repairs is around $300.

Over 19,000 potholes were filled in Washington alone last winter, a record for the city.

If you live in Washington and need to report a pothole, call 311 or complete a service request online. Typical repair time is within 72 hours of the time the pothole is reported.

In Virginia, residents can report the problem online or call 1-800-FOR-ROAD.

The Maryland Department of Transportation has a full list of state-maintained roads on its website as well as instructions for reporting potholes.