How to make your own face mask as protection against COVID-19

As the shortage for masks and other personal protective equipment continues amid the coronavirus pandemic, many people are turning for the do-it-yourself option. 

JOANN Fabrics has donated material for almost 5 million masks and estimates customers have purchased material to make 18 million more, according to the company. 

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Here's a tutorial from the popular craft store on how you can make a mask at home to protect yourself and others from COVID-19. 


- Cotton Fabric

- Filter 

- Elastic

- Pencil, scissors and ruler

- Paper

- Sewing supplies, such as thread, needle and pin 


Click here to download JOANN Fabric's pattern and follow their step-by-step guide below. 

- Cut 1 pattern piece, on the fold, out of the cotton fabric and lightweight interfacing

- Apply fusible interfacing to wrong side of cotton fabric using an iron.

- Fold fabric right sides together, matching 9-inch (8-inch) sides.

- Sew along the 9 (8) inch side, using 1/4” seam allowance and leaving a space 3” wide in the center to turn mask right side out.

- Cut 2 pieces of elastic 7 inches long. Insert into the corners of the two open ends of the mask and pin into place. Sew across sides, backstitching well over the elastic, to secure the elastic in place.

- Turn mask right side out and press seams flat.

- Using pattern as a guide, fold up 3 pleats on each side, making sure the pleats are folded in the same direction. Pin into place.

- Top stitch around the entire mask, securing the pleats and closing the opening.

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