How does DC use funds from speed cameras?

The record-breaking new numbers from AAA found DC reportedly raked in more than $100 million dollars from speed cameras last year.

And while the District is known to operate with a budget surplus in recent years, so many are wondering where the money has gone.

FOX5 asked Mayor Bowser for answers but deferred to the city's budget director Jenny Reed.

"The money that's collected from speed cameras goes into our general fund. And our general fund really supports everything that we do in the district. It helps us pay for schools for recreation centers, fire and emergency medical services, and healthcare services just to name a few. What your viewers may not know, even though 100 million dollars is a lot of money, it actually represents about 1.4 percent of all the revenue we collect in the district to support [several] programs and services," said Reed.

Reed says some of the speed camera revenue will also fund transportation programs in the district, including filling potholes.