Hordes of travelers hit D.C.'s airports for the holidays

'Tis the season for travel headaches. 

Roads and airports across the country will be packed for the next 12 days.

About 116 million Americans are dashing away this year. 

That's a record number of travelers, and a four percent increase over last year.

According to AAA, 91 percent of travelers plan to drive. Six percent will fly. And three percent will take a train, bus or maybe hop on a sleigh pulled by reindeer.

What's spurring this surge in travelers? 

AAA says lower gas prices, low unemployment rates and rising incomes.

Most air travelers will leave two to four days before Christmas.

Nine of the top 10 desintations are in warm-weather locales such as Orlando, Anaheim and Honolulu.

AAA warnst hat drivers could face double their normal travel time on Thursday and Friday.

In D.C., those travel times could triple.