Homes damaged by gunfire in Woodbridge neighborhood

It was anything but a typical night in a Woodbridge neighborhood Thursday. Several residents said they are lucky to be alive after bullets came ripping through their windows and homes.

Prince William County police said officers responded to the 15500 block of Banjo Court to investigate a call about several homeowners reporting multiple gunshots heard in the area.

A man who lives in this community said he was lying in bed when gunfire shattered his window.

Another resident was also at home when the shots rang out.

"We heard about 10, 15 shots," said the homeowner, who identified himself only as Nelson. "We weren't sure what it was at first, whether or not it was fireworks or whatever. But the first thing my wife said was it sounds like gunshots and she was wondering if we should move."

Homes in this development sprouted up about a decade ago, and by all accounts, nothing like this has ever happened before.

"This is a quiet place," said another resident. "I've been here for about three years. Never had anything like that. It's a quiet neighborhood."

When the gunfire stopped, police found damage to several homes in the area. Some bullets even passed through exterior walls and were found lodged in interior walls. No one was injured.

Police are still investigating the gunfire. One night after the barrage of bullets, a heavy police presence could be seen patrolling the area adding some comfort to residents.

One woman who did have damage to her home told FOX 5 that she was told by investigators that there is a forest across the street and there could have been a group of people who were simply firing off shots.