Home improvement contractor sentenced 10 years in prison for defrauding customers

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A home improvement contractor who was called a serial predator by prosecutors was sentenced to ten years in federal prison.

Michael Rosebar was convicted in June of destroying several homes he worked on and swindling more than 40 people out of more than a million dollars.

The sentencing hearing lasted more than three hours in federal court as victims testified to the judge saying that Rosebar was heartless, ruined their lives and took their money.

Photos of the work done by Rosebar were shown to the jury during his two-week trial. At least two of the homes the 53-year-old man worked on over a ten-year period were condemned. For some others, the work was done so badly or not done at all that the homeowners had to hire new contractors to come in and repair the work.

"I gave him an exceptionally large amount of money, a large amount of money, and he just walked off with it and left my house condemned," said Lorell Harper, one of Rosebar's victims.

An elderly retired pharmacist was swindled out of more than $500,000 and had to return to work in order to make ends meet.

Prosecutors said Rosebar stole money from welfare while he was stealing from his clients.

He showed no remorse at trial or sentencing - a fact that deeply bothered Judge Thomas Hogan. The judge not only called Rosebar a predator, but also evil.

"I finally got the chance to do something about it and not only that, but stop him from taking advantage of other people," said Cristina Badillo, another victim of Rosebar's. "Basically, he is just pure evil just like what the judge said. He is pure evil."