High-school rivalry turns violent in Northern Virginia McDonald's brawl

A crosstown rivalry turned violent Friday night when students from two Northern Virginia schools clashed at a McDonalds location.

The fight reportedly involved students from McLean and Langley high schools after a basketball game between the two teams Friday night.

The McDonalds is a popular hang-out spot for students of both schools, especially after basketball and football games.

Although they've been gathering at the fast-food joint for years, Friday night was the first time police were called to the scene.

Cellphone video recorded at the is only a few seconds long.

It shows fists flying and tables toppling during a violent brawl between teenagers at the McLean McDonalds off Old Dominion Drive.

Fairfax County police say officers in the area were flagged down to respond to the fight.

Once they arrived, though, those involved had reportedly fled the area.

Investigators do not believe anyone was hurt during the incident.

A very similar incident at the exact same McDonalds was recorded on a cell phone in 2012 - during that fight, police dispersed the crowd, but one student was arrested for underage drinking.

This past Friday, officers were warned to have a presence in the area.

The Fairfax County school district says it is aware of the incident, and they are investigating.