High school freshman allegedly mistreated over Trump t-shirt

A Prince William County high school student says he was mistreated at school because he was wearing a t-shirt supporting Donald Trump.

The boy says he was bullied at Hylton High School for the Trump shirt he was wearing, and then was given an ultimatum by school administration to cover the shirt up or go home.

"I walked in into school and I was with my friend and we were walking down and a few people started taking off my hat around throwing it around. And some people actually tried fighting me and was making threats," said Jason, a freshman at the high school. He walked away from the situation and then was approached by school administration. Administration asked that Jason take off his hat and cover up his shirt for his own safety.

Jason's father said that he expected his son to receive some criticism over the shirt, but his son wanted to wear the shirt to school and he supported that.

The school told FOX 5 that there is nothing wrong with wearing political shirts to school. They simply asked Jason to cover the shirt in an effort to deescalate the situation so it would not get worse.

Jason's father believes the school could have handled the situation differently, "they could have called all the students in the auditorium and said people have the right to their opinions."

Watch the full interview with Jason and his father here.