Herndon elementary school students learn about different careers at 'Big Truck Day'

It was a big day at a Northern Virginia elementary school on Friday. Students at Floris Elementary School in Herndon got to learn and explore all kinds of large vehicles, including a helicopter, at their annual ‘Big Truck Day’ event.

Several local communities, such as the Fairfax County police and county fire departments, bring large trucks and vehicles aiming to provide learning experiences for the school’s graduating kindergartners and special needs students.

Students had the opportunity to interact with drivers to investigate and explore the vehicles up close, which they often admire from afar. Among the fleet of many large vehicles was a bucket truck provided by the power and energy company, Dominion Energy.

The young kids got to wear big utility gloves, observe a bucket going up and watch how a line worker does their job.

Meanwhile, some parents who attended say it was heartwarming to see kids learning about the different ways THAT various entities that serve the communities come together.

"This is incredible. My daughter is a kindergartener here and my son will come here too in six years but this is everything for her to see us as volunteers," said Floris Elementary School parent Anisha Reddy. "Parents come together, teachers, police officers, community providers, you name it power is here. Trash trucks are here. Everyone is here. The bomb squad is here. This is just it’s so meaningful as a parent to have her see everybody and interact with them and feel warm and welcome."

The big truck event has been a learning and educational tradition for the past 30 years.

"The way I would tell my own five-year-old is like, when daddy has to go to work at night or go and work during the day…it’s like, ‘buddy we’re there to help people. You know, we’ve got to keep the lights on that’s why we go in. But you've got to appreciate how you have your lights on. You know, things like where other kids who might be having a birthday party and then you go there and then they thank you for having lights. Even on Memorial Day or a holiday sometimes, we have to work — nights, days, rainy storms, but to help other people," said Jessy Vasquez, a Dominion Energy lineman trainee.