Health Department advises families to remove loved ones from nursing homes if it’s safe

At the Kensington, Assisted Living Center in Redondo Beach four people died, reportedly from COVID-19 and at least 22 others became infected with coronavirus.

We reached out to the facility where officials confirmed that there have been four fatalities since the start of the pandemic but it’s managing director said in a statement quote:

“Some had other complicating medical conditions and it has not been determined whether they passed from co-morbidities or the virus, or a combination.”

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During Tuesday’s briefing by the L.A. County Health Department with Dr. Barbara Ferrer-she advised families to remove loved ones from group care facilities if it’s safe.

“At this point and time if you’re able to care for them at home... This would be perfectly appropriate if you can manage to care for them at home,” said Ferrer. 

Ferrer echoed sentiments of health experts around the country. Nursing homes have been ground zero for the coronavirus outbreak. This care facility in Kirkland, Washington became the epicenter of the COVID-19 outbreak when dozens of residents became infected and more than 20 people died.

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But Dr. Drew Pinsky Co-Host of the Coronavirus Crisis Special On FOX 11 Told Anchor Elex Michaelson that families should weigh the decision carefully:

“Taking somebody out of an assisted living fine taking somebody out of a nursing home is a very serious issue nursing it’s right there in the name they are in those facilities because they need round-the-clock nursing talk to your physician before you do anything like that,” Pinsky said.

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Health officials say there are coronavirus infections at 121 nursing and group homes Across L.A. County. Of 169  COVID-19 related deaths... 36 have been at these types of facilities.