'He Got Up' event helps people in need on Easter Sunday

From free haircuts to free food, Sunday was an Easter thousands of people will not soon forget.

People like Dwayne Cooper, 31, and his family of seven children are some of the.

Cooper said it's tough to make ends meet.

"It's hard, but you gotta do it everyday. It's an everyday hustle."

All of these resources made their Easter Sunday a little brighter.

Cooper said, "It was nice. It was good. Got their haircut."

Sunday's haircut station was just a small snippet of a stadium full of free services.

Five thousand people got haircuts; there were 3,000 healthcare referrals by noon and people received job help, free food and thousands of showers.

People even received free wellness care.

Dr. Cynthia Eaton is the Orlando Serve Foundation's Health and Wellness Chairwoman.

She said, "That they get to doctors, get to dentists, they get to optometrists. They get glasses.They get their teeth taken care of and they get their health issues addressed."

All of Sunday's activities were in the name of helping people and families in need, like the homeless and veterans.

It's part of the Orlando Serve Foundation's 'He Got Up' event.

Kim Praniewicz, an event organizer with the Orlando Serve Foundation, said, "I Love this community. It's good to see the community helping others that may be down on their luck right now."

It means a lot to people like Jonathan Sebastian Blount, who considers himself working poor.

"From this point forward, Easter and resurrection Sunday is going to mean something different to the people of this community," he said.

Praniewicz said the goal is to do it all again next year.