Harlem Globetrotters teach kids how to prevent bullying

As he showed off to students in a packed gymnasium, it's evident Chris "Handles" Franklin has skills-- but he and his fellow Harlem Globetrotters also have a message.

"It's important that you respect others. You treat others like you want to be treated. See a lot of bullying takes place because someone doesn't have a lot of friends. So if you see someone in your class, or in your school, who doesn't have a lot of friends, be their friend, be a good person, be a good classmate, be compassionate," he said to students at the St. Anastasia School in Newton Square, Pennsylvania.

The Globetrotters are sharing the "ABC's of Bullying Prevention" at the schools they visit.

And the mix of learning and fun is helping get the important message through to kids.

"Kids are faced with this every day inside school, outside of school, and they don't often know how to deal with it," St Anastasia School Principal Beth Doyle told FOX 29. "It is not like you are being told. You are actually being a part of learning, and that is what they love-- when learning is fun."

And while the students may not be able to dribble like Handles, they did hear him loud and clear.

"Nobody deserves to be left out or made fun of cause of personality, height, gender race stuff like that and he wanted to make sure that everybody knows," 8th grader Peter Laphen said.

Watch the video to see the basketball court transform into a classroom of kindness.