Grower develops a no-tear onion

You'll be shedding tears of joy.

A U.K. supermarket chain has introduced a red onion that promises to be tear- and bad breath-free.

The onion, developed by British farmer Alastair Findlay of agricultural co-operative Bedfordshire Growers, has been 20 years in the making.

Sulfoxide molecules created by the tear-inducing synthase enzyme are released when an onion is cut and turns it into sulfenic acid. When the chemical floats in the air and comes into contact with our eyes, it causes irritation and can make us cry.

According to Asda's website, the Sweet Red was selectively bred to have "lower pungency levels" than regular onions, so that means fewer tears. And as an extra bonus, the odor won't linger on your breath for quite as long.

Asda, is selling the onion for one euro, or approximately $1.13.

So how does it taste?

Apparently pretty good.

"Like the USA, the UK has a sweeter palate than most so will appreciate the same tangy flavour, without the strong acidity of some onions," vegetable buyer Andy Wareham told The Daily Mail."Introducing the UK's very first sweet red onion is a fantastic achievement."