Grinch steals car, Christmas gifts at Prince George's County mall

A Silver Spring man says someone stole his car loaded with hundreds of dollars worth of Christmas gifts from the parking lot at Prince George's Plaza mall on Saturday.

Steven Hawkins says he was shopping inside the mall and lost his keys. He believes the thief or thieves found the keys and tried cars on the lot until they found his 2009 Mercedes CLS 550. When Hawkins came outside the car was gone.

Hawkins says he had nearly $700 of Christmas gifts for his family inside, many of which we for his 13-year-old son.

"I'm still gonna get him something but it's not really what he really wants. It's bigger than Christmas because my car is with him every day. That's how I get to him. Without that how am I gonna see my kids? How am I gonna travel home?" said Hawkins.

Hawkins is most concerned about the car, which he reported stolen to Hyattsville Police.

"I just want them to bring my car back. Damaged, undamaged just bring it back. No charges. I just want my car back. That's all I ask," he said.

Anyone with information is asked to call Hyattsville Police.