Grandparents rap about 'coronavirus blues,' dance with glee after Grand Princess docks in Oakland

What’s a granddaughter to do while stuck at sea while on a cruise ship with her grandparents during a coronavirus outbreak?

Live tweet the experience and take videos of Grandma dancing with a face mask on, of course!

Well, that’s exactly what Michelle Heckert, 23, who lives in the Bay Area, and who trapped aboard the Grand Princess in Oakland, has been doing. 

Heckert tweeted an exhaustive list of her life on the cruise, which was held at sea for five days after it was discovered some of the passengers and crew members had coronavirus.

One of her videos went viral though.

On Monday, she captured a snippet of her Grandma, aka Adelina Serata, doing a jig on the boat after the Princess cruise finally docked at the Port of Oakland.  

Careful observers of Hecker's Twitter stream, though, must not overlook the video she took of her grandfather earlier that day.

Grandpa Henry Serata isn't too shabby while rapping about  the "coronavirus blues" while Grandma sits on the bed laughing.

Heckert, who is a Santa Clara University graduate, has been documenting her entire experience, including singing a song on her cruise balcony about coronavirus and quarantines. 

She also took photos of the breakfasts delivered to cabin rooms, and the entertainment pamphlets the Princess staff handed out.

Her Twitter stream seems endless, with photos of her making paper airplanes and watching movies to stave off the boredom. 

She and Grandma were also doing Zumba in their room to keep healthy and active while trapped on the ship for more than two weeks.

The original cruise set sail on Feb. 21 from San Francisco.

In a rare feat of serendipity, when the cruise ship pulled up in Oakland on Monday, SkyFox was overhead and just happened to capture Heckert and her grandparents waving from their balcony room.

Heckert retweeted the KTVU video of her family.

On Wednesday, Heckert was off Twitter for a minute and spoke to KTVU by phone from Travis Air Force Base in Fairfield, where she and her grandparents will be held for 14 more days of quarantine.

She said they're all in pretty good spirits, and there is much more space on land than there was in their room on the ship. 

As for the rest of those in quaratine?

"We seem to laugh and dance a lot more than some of the others," she said.