Gov. John Kasich discusses team up with Cruz to stop Trump

In an interview on Monday with John Kasich, Fox 5's political reporter Ronica Cleary touched up on some very important questions with the governor.

When asked about his campaign's announcement about splitting the upcoming primaries with Ted Cruz and then Donald Trump's response, Kasich responded with, "Well, I don't really like to respond to Donald Trump because he'll just call names to anybody about anything. And I'm not going to go wrestle in the mud with him, but let me just be clear, you know. I don't have all the resources in the world. I don't have a Daddy Warbucks pouring billions into my campaign or millions into my campaign. We raise money, but we're very smart about the way we husband our resources and we applied to places where we think we can do well. For example, the suburbs of Washington, DC, in Maryland. We'll do well, so we applied our resources there. I think it's very smart strategy and all designed to get to an open convention so we can beat Hillary and not put somebody up who's going to get crushed."

Watch the video above for the whole interview.