GoPro survives getting hit by active lava in Kilauea, Hawaii

A tour guide in Hawaii is lucky his the video on his camera survived an accidental encounter with flowing lava last year.

Erik Storm says his GoPro was accidentally engulfed in lava back in August of 2016.

Storm says he was guiding a tour in Kalapana when he set his camera down to get a first-hand point of view of the lava slowly flowing between rocks. But he forgot it while telling a story.

Now he's sharing the video, which shows lava slowly covering the camera. Flames can be seen eating up the camera lens.

Later on, there's a blurry image of a man standing over the camera. That man is Storm. He says he used a rock hammer to crack the lava rock open after it cooled and hardened.

He wasn't expecting to find his GoPro's blue Wi-Fi light still blinking and the SD card still intact inside.