Google AI can predict when you'll die with 95 percent accuracy, researchers say

Google has developed an artificial intelligence algorithm that could predict when you'll die with up to 95 percent accuracy, according to the tech giant's researchers.

The research, which tackles a range of clinical issues among hospital patients, was recently published in the journal Nature. Google applied artificial intelligence to a vast amount of data from more than 216,000 adult patients hospitalized for at least 24 hours each in two medical centers.

The research tapped into data from Electronic Health Records.

"We were interested in understanding whether deep learning could produce valid predictions across wide range of clinical problems and outcomes," researchers explain, in the journal. "We therefore selected outcomes from divergent domains, including an important clinical outcome (death), a standard measure of quality of care (readmissions), a measure of resource utilization (length of stay), and a measure of understanding of a patient's problems (diagnoses)."

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