Good Samaritans help save the day after man steals car with toddler inside in DC

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Two women sprung into action Monday after they saw a man steal a car with a two-year-old boy still inside. It happened in Northeast D.C. -- not only in front of the two friends who helped save the day, but also in front of the toddler's mom.

The car was stolen around 9:30 am on the 1400 block of Saratoga Avenue, NE, according to police. They said the boy's mom was tending to her child, who was already in the car, when a suspect -- 21-year-old Matthew Walker -- hopped in and stole the vehicle.

The women, Jacqueline Elliott and Donnita Scott, just so happened to be in their own car nearby.

"We're like, 'Ma'am, was it a baby in the car?,' Trying to get her to focus," recalled Elliott. "She say, 'Yes.' We say get in."

Elliott and Scott said they called 911 while all three women followed the suspect, who drove less than half a mile before pulling over and hopping out, leaving both the car and the unharmed baby behind. Police arrested Walker shortly thereafter.

"I feel like we were in a real-life action movie," Elliott said Monday night.

Added Scott, "The suspect was apprehended, the baby is safe, the mom is safe, the car is safe, and her belongings were still in her car."

Police say Walker has been charged with kidnapping and unarmed carjacking.