Glenn Heights cop moves burning truck from restaurant

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Dash cam video captured how a rookie Glenn Heights police officer quickly moved a burning truck from a Jack in the Box drive-thru.

The fire happened Saturday night at the restaurant in the 1700 block of S. Beckley Road around 9:15 p.m.

Officer Chris Womack says he had just finished dinner with his wife when he heard the call about a vehicle on fire nearby. He rushed over to the restaurant and saw the truck on fire, dangerously close to the restaurant in the drive-thru. That's was when he decided to use his patrol vehicle to push the truck away.

The driver of the truck says the fire began in the engine. He was able to get his wife and daughter out of the truck safely before it burst into flames.

And thanks to the officer's quick thinking, nobody in the restaurant or the drive-thru was injured.

"My adrenaline was going a little bit. But in the video, I've watched it a couple of times, I'm breathing pretty heavily. Well, that's because the windows were down and I didn't have the train of thought to roll the windows up during it," Officer Womack explained. "It was just a God-send that I was here at that particular time."

The Glenn Heights Police Department posted the video on its Facebook and wrote, "I would like to commend Officer Chris Womack. Due to his courage and quick thinking, he was able to prevent a burning vehicle from causing major damage to the Jack in the Box and protecting the employees."