Gifts you don't buy on Black Friday

Black Friday is nearly here. What a windfall for deals - for most things anyway. But it's not for everything.

A deal on an iPhone would be nice, wouldn't it? Yes, but Black Friday is not the time, according to On the iPhone 8, the deal site says you might get a gift card with it, and that's nice, but you'll pay full price. $699 on the lowest end. Wait until February to purchase an iPhone8. The iPhone X is still in pre-order if you're waiting on that.

Looking for tools as a holiday gift? Great. But not on Black Friday. Deal News says to get into December and then you'll see prices drop.

Jewelry always makes a great holiday gift if you're not looking for a deal. Black Friday is a non-starter here. Wait until the new year.

At some brick and mortar retailers, you'll see a lot of "final sale" items. Great deals, but be careful. You can't return those if they don't work out.

Electronics are a big holiday gift item. But some are good Black Friday buys and some aren't. Deal News breaks it down for you.