Giant IUD inserted in front of DC Union Station

A 20-foot inflatable IUD stands tall in front of Union Station in D.C.

Giant IUD inflatable in front of Union Station in D.C. 

The inflatable will be unveiled on Wednesday by the Americans for Contraception (AFC), ahead of the Right to Contraception Act going before the U.S. Senate. The giant IUD was inserted to help raise awareness of the need to protect and codify the right to contraception.


Supreme Court hears abortion arguments

The Supreme Court began hearing arguments Wednesday over whether state abortion bans enacted after its ruling overturning Roe v. Wade can extend to medical emergencies.

This all comes during a time when reproductive rights and contraception are being heavily scrutinized by lawmakers and groups across the country.

Senators will vote on whether they support the right to contraception. The outcome of this vote could impact a number of women and families.