Ghost gun part found at Blair High School

Part of a ghost gun was found at Montgomery Blair High School earlier this week, according to a letter sent home to families. 

On August 29, staff at Blair High School discovered a student had one part of a ghost gun, according to the letter. The school contacted the student's parents, and the student was taken into custody by Montgomery County Police. 

"I know that having part of a ghost gun or any weapon on school property can be unsettling. We have taken immediate steps to address the situation and provide necessary support for our students," said the letter in part. 

Ghost guns are guns with no serial number, often assembled from ghost gun kits bought online. 


Supreme Court reinstates regulation of ghost guns, firearms without serial numbers

The Supreme Court is reinstating a regulation aimed at reining in the proliferation of ghost guns, firearms without serial numbers that have been turning up at crime scenes across the nation in increasing numbers.