Germans use clever way to deter drunk people from peeing on buildings

Fed up residents of a Germany neighborhood known for its popular night clubs are using a clever technique to get drunk people to stop peeing on the walls of buildings.

In Hamburg's St. Pauli neighborhood, hordes of drunken tourists, prostitutes and others up to no good are having their pee splash back on themselves after residents have been coating town walls with a water-repellant paint.

Resident Julia Staron organized a local interest group to help apply Ultra-Ever Dry, a super-hydrophobic paint originally developed by carmaker Nissan. The coating, which is also used in shipbuilding, is powerful enough to push water molecules away, meaning that late night pee-ers get a nasty surprise.

"Wild peeing has been a problem here for a long time. But in recent years, it got worse," Staron told Reuters.