German Shepherd euthanized after being shot by Fairfax County police officer

A white German Shepherd's owner in Northern Virginia has opted to have the pet euthanized after it was shot by a Fairfax County police officer.

At issue - the police say the dog could have survived the gunshot.

White German Shepherds are relatively rare, and breeders can charge substantially more for the dogs compared to standard German Shepherds.

The dog was shot moments after attacking park goers.

The officer who arrived at the scene shot the dog after it continued to act aggressively toward officers.

The dog reportedly ran home after being shot.

Fairfax County police officials stressed that the dog's owner and veterinarian arrived at the decision to euthanize.

There have been two recent incidents locally in which a dog was euthanized despite not needing it.

A previous incident took place in Chesterfield when a dog owner who was passing away chose to have her healthy dog euthanized and buried with her.

Right now, police say their focus is on the criminal investigation into the dog owner and whether that person will face any charges.