Georgetown Transformers statues voted down; owner says he won't give up legal battle

The Old Georgetown Board has voted that two beloved Transformers sculptures in front of one home in Georgetown have to go. But the homeowner is not giving up the fight just yet. 

The board unanimously voted on Thursday to deny Dr. Newton Howard's request to keep his two massive Transformers sculptures in front of his historic rowhouse. 

"We hope that these statues will disappear in the not-too-distant future," said Alan Brangman, chair of The Old Georgetown Board. 

But Howard said he wasn't even told the vote was taking place. 

"I woke up to several messages and emails from various people talking about it and I was shocked that it was happening today," said Howard. 

He says he knew the local ANC was meeting this week – but not the Old Georgetown Board, which is the body that reviews any exterior changes made to homes in Georgetown's historic district. Howard says it's "ironic" that the board failed to notify even his lawyer to attend the meeting where the vote took place. 

"I'm going to look into the legal options available to me because the Transformers, although maybe one or two people that have loud mouths that think that they're an eyesore, there are hundreds if not thousands of others that absolutely love them and adore them," said Howard. "I'm not going to certainly give up on that." 


Georgetown resident fights to keep Transformer statues

A Georgetown resident is fighting to keep the two massive Transformer sculptures outside of his rowhome.