George Mason High School student arrested for threats, Falls Church police say

A student was arrested after authorities said the teen threatened to blow up a Northern Virginia school and shoot the students and teachers.

Police said a student at George Mason High School in Falls Church reported hearing about the suspect's plan on Tuesday. School officials said they contacted the parents of the student to keep the teen at home while they investigated.

The 17-year-old was arrested Friday morning after allegedly telling several people about plans to bomb the school and to use guns to kill students and teachers.

A search of the student's home on Friday turned up BB guns that had been altered to look like real firearms, authorities stated.

"While police believe this to have been a single threat made by a single student, we urge our students, staff, and community to remain vigilant - and yes, if you see or hear something, say something. We applaud the courage of the student who came forward and helped take care of the community we are in every day," the school said in part of a written statement.

The student had a hearing on Friday in juvenile court and it was unknown what punishment the teen could face.