Furloughed workers look to substitute teaching

Furloughed federal workers filled Fairfax County Public Schools headquarters hoping to become the district's newest substitute teachers.

The hiring event was the first since the partial government shut down and at least one more is confirmed for next week.

Two hundred people registered for the event on Friday, and 175 more are registered for Tuesday's hiring event.

The Fairfax County Public School district is also considering a third event.

The event is a win/win for Federal workers impacted by the shutdown and a school district in dire need of substitute teachers.

Furloughed federal government executive Kathryn Stevens says she's looking at the event as an opportunity to examine another career.

"As I get closer to retirement too, I'm interested in exploring a new career so trying to look for the silver lining from the shutdown. Events like this give us an opportunity to preview what our next career might look like," she said.

By this time next week, the furloughed federal workers here could be in a classroom, substitute teaching and earning a paycheck.

Other districts are considering similar events, including Arlington County.