Fugitive on FBI's Most Wanted list arrested in Prince George's County also wanted in DC homicide

A murder suspect on the FBI's 10 Most Wanted list was captured in Prince George's County Thursday during a routine call for a suspicious person.

Lamont Stephenson, 43, is accused of strangling his fiancee and her dog in Newark, New Jersey, in 2014. Police say after being on the run for more than four years, Stephenson struck again this week, stabbing his girlfriend and her cat in Southeast D.C.

The body of Natina Kiah, a mother of four, was found Wednesday at her apartment on D St., SE Wednesday night.

Prince George's County Police apprehended Stephenson after a call about a man trying to spend the night in a truck at a business in Lanham.

"We just got lucky," said officer Joseph Killian.

Killian was on patrol early Thursday morning with two other officers when they were dispatched to Annapolis Rd.

Chief Hank Stawinski said when the officers approached, Stephenson not only gave his real name but said he was wanted for some crimes. He was arrested without incident.

When the officers realized just who they had stumbled upon, Killian was as shocked as anyone to find a double murder suspect in his community.

"Pretty bizarre to think this guy was just a few minutes away from home," Killian said.

It's been quite a journey for Stephenson. Police say after murdering Olga Dejesus and her Chihuahua in 2014, he came to the D.C. region. Stawkinski said he had been living in the area for the last several years, though he appeared to be homeless.

Natina Kiah's mother tells FOX 5 that her daughter met Stephenson at the D.C. homeless shelter where she worked security. She says Kiah had known him for about six months.

Kiah worked for security company Metropolitan Protective Services.

"She worked as a special police officer for a little under a year and she did great," said Derrick Parks, CEO of the company.

"The one good thing, you know, to underscore what her mother said this morning is that he will never be able to kill another young lady again," said Parks.

Parks and Brian Hubbard, also with the business, attended Thursday's press conference. Hubbard was sure to thank Killian.

"I just wanted to thank him for his arrest and bringing closure to this sad situation," Hubbard said.