Friends share Hurricane Katrina story of divine intervention

Some might consider it a chance meeting, but Eric and Cynthia Calhoun and Dontral and Raquel Dubois are convinced that it was God that brought them together in October, 2004.

Eric and Cynthia Calhoun were celebrating their honeymoon in New Orleans, but were very disappointed with their accommodations that they had booked online. Hotel bellman Dontral Dubois took it upon himself to make sure that they would enjoy their first trip together as husband and wife. He contacted his wife Raquel, who worked at another hotel, and she arranged for another room, salvaging what could have been a nightmare trip for the Calhouns.

Eric gave Dontral a generous $100 tip, telling him to start a savings account for his infant son, Dee, and gave him his number telling him to look him up if they came to the Atlanta area.

Almost a year later, when the Dubois family was displaced by Hurricane Katrina, Dontral made that call, and Eric was there to not only support him and his family, he also offered to take them into his home in McDonough, GA.

Now the Dubois family is not only back on its feet, they are thriving. Both Dontral and Raquel are working in the hospitality industry in the Atlanta area, and they were able to buy a home in the southern suburb of Jonesboro. Their son Dee is now 11-years-old and a 5th grader at MD Roberts Performing Arts School. In fact, he is even a regular on the hit FOX show, Are you Smarter Than a 5th Grader?

For all of the horrible stories that came out of the Hurricane Katrina tragedy, this is a great example of the strength of the human spirit, and the power of human kindness.