Frederick wellness center shut down amid prostitution and human trafficking allegations

A massage parlor and wellness center in Frederick County was shut down after police discovered patrons were receiving more than just massages at the business. The business is facing allegations of prostitution and human trafficking and the Frederick County Sheriff's Office is investigating. 

Several complaints about suspicious activity prompted the Frederick County Sheriff's Office to launch an investigation into the Wellness Massage Center on Presidents Court. 

"Solicitation for money in return for sexual acts," Lt. Chad Atkins with the Frederick County Sheriff’s Office said when asked about the type of complaints they were receiving.

Investigators scoped out the spot and were able to obtain a search warrant. On Wednesday, Frederick County's Human Trafficking Response Team executed the search and seizure warrant at the Wellness Massage Center, and uncovered enough evidence to prove sex acts were being performed in exchange for money. 

The Frederick County Division of Planning and Zoning assisted law enforcement and issued a "stop work order" on the business, which will shut the wellness center down for now.


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"It's in plain view, but what goes on behind closed doors, you're never really going to know it. When you drive by it looks like a legitimate business that conduct is conducts itself appropriately," Atkins added.

He tells FOX5 the Sheriff’s Office received numerous complaints over the past year. Many of them were similar to the review posted by a prior customer, Alexis Anzmann.

In it, she details the red flags she experienced while getting a massage at the wellness center.

"When he was putting the drape down to get to the parts of my back my underwear were pulled down further than I was expecting," Anzmann said.

"It was very rough and grabbing at all parts of my body. At one point I did ask him if he could be more gentle because it was really firm and he told me it was a good hurt. I was on my back and he kept pushing my knees up towards me in the fetal position almost and just telling me to relax," she continued. 

"I got home and cried because I was so uncomfortable so to know who knows what could have happened is definitely scary," said Anzmann.

While the stop-work order has shut the business down for now, we did speak to a man who identified himself as the owner. He would not answer our questions but while FOX5 was there we noticed at least once he seemed to turn someone away.

Police say the suspects in this case are employees of the business.

"Once again, because of great teamwork with our local and federal partners, we were able to effectively identify and dismantle a prostitution and human trafficking network operating in Frederick County," said Lt. Chad Atkins, FCSO Narcotics Investigations Section commander in a statement. 

At this time, it's still not known how many prostitution and human trafficking charges they are facing because police are trying to determine which of these people were victims or if they were taking part in these acts of their own free will.

While charges are currently pending for the Wellness Massage Center, the sheriff's office is encouraging people who are victims of human trafficking or have information to report about this type of criminal activity, to call the National Human Trafficking Hotline 888-373-7888 or their local law enforcement agency.