Frederick Police: 2 Maryland teens raped woman while 3rd suspect filmed

Two teens have been arrested and authorities are searching for a third suspect after they said a young woman was kidnapped and raped in Frederick, Maryland.

Frederick police said the 18-year-old victim was ambushed as she walked to her apartment and was grabbed by three men at about 12:30 a.m. on Sept. 2. The teen said the suspects cut her with a knife, hit her, pulled her hair and dragged her to a vehicle and drove her to an apartment building in the area.

The victim identified two of the suspects to police as teens she had attended high school with: 17-year-old Edgar Chicas-Hernandez and 19-year-old Victor Gonzalez Gutierres, who she said were known to be involved in gangs. The teen told police she could not identify the third suspect as he had his face covered.

Authorities said the victim reported being held captive and raped by both Chicas-Hernandez and Gonzalez Gutierres for several hours while the third suspect filmed the crime. The suspects later took the victim back to her apartment complex and released her, but not before threatening to hurt her if she reported the crime, according to police.

"We're looking into all possible gang affiliations and ties to see if the suspects have or had any ties to local gangs or transnational gangs," Sgt. Andrew Alcorn with the Frederick Police Department said. "This is not a common occurrence in Frederick. It's a very quiet town and we like to keep it that way and when an incident like this occurs we put all our available resources into solving it."

Investigators said messages were reportedly sent through social media referencing and planning the rape before and after the crime by a known acquaintance of the victim. According to court documents, the victim's younger sister may have been in on the attack and even offered to allow her boyfriend to watch the video of her sister being raped for a "night of pleasure."

Authorities said Chicas-Hernandez was arrested on Sept. 12 and Gonzalez Gutierres was locked up the following day. Both suspects were taken into custody without incident.

U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement told FOX 5 that Gonzalez Gutierres was released on immigration bond back in April after he was arrested for failure to obey and resisting arrest. ICE said it lodged an immigration detainer for Gonzalez Gutierres after his most recent arrest.

If you have any information that could aid detectives in identifying and locating the third suspect, you were urged to call the Frederick Police Department at (301) 600-2102.